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Sushui Tech

Foundation in 2017

Sushui Tech is a provider of portable and stationary off-grid power solutions based on Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology.

Since 2017, the company has developed a fully proprietary technology assets from core DMFC materials including catalysts and MEAs to specific solutions for end users.


27 Patents

Sushui Tech now posseses 25 patents with two invention.

Our Vision —— POWER AT WILL

The Company's Core Business


Fuel Cell Catalysts and MEA Development


DMFC-cored Power Solutions


Our Advantages

Edging Technology

Sushui Tech's R&D team is consisted of experts with more than ten years of experience and successful track records in the industry. Our know-hows cover from fundamental materials including catalysts, proton-exchange membranes, MEAs to final power solutions for end users in need of portable and independent stationary power supplies. 


Over 90% of the feed-in materials for our products and solutions are sourced in China, offering both quality and cost-effectiveness. 


Methanol is a liquid chemical widely used in the chemical industry, and it is well supplied throughout the world at cost-effective prices.

Methanol is also producible through mixture of green hydrogen and DAC technology, neutralizing carbon dioxide for environmental-friendly energy.   

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